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polished concrete floor


Are you considering a polished concrete floor? Polished concrete floors have become a popular option not only for commercial purposes, but also for homes. They are used in retail, warehouses, but also for basements and garages. When done right, they look awesome and are designed to stand the test of time.
To do them the right way, there are 5 key considerations you need to factor into the project:

Choose The Right Mix
Getting the concrete flooring mix right is extremely important. How you do this? By getting the correct ratio among the ingredients. With most mixes, there are three key ingredients – cement, sand, and aggregate (the crushed stone chips). The amount of each ingredient used will impact the strength, colour and overall look of your floors.

The normal concrete mix ratio is 5 to 1 to 5, sand, cement, and aggregate. But, even if you get the ratio right, the type of sand and aggregate you use will also impact the appearance of your floor. Make sure you choose a combination of these ingredients to get the look you want to achieve.

Pour The Concrete The Right Way
There is a right way and a lot of wrong ways to pour a concrete floor. Timing, depth, and using an accurate level is the key. First, it’s important to pour the concrete as soon as it arrives. Make sure your level is accurate before pouring. Once the concrete has been poured, do not tamper with it if you plan to grind and polish it.

Use Expansion Joints To Avoid Cracking
Don’t forget to account for expansion joints. This will help avoid cracking. Ideally, they can be placed close to entry ways so they will be masked by the door saddle. For larger spaces, expansion joints can be used to divide the floor into large squares.

Polish and Grind To Get That Shine
You have options here. In general, if you want to achieve a glossier finish, you will have to go deeper to expose the aggregate more. This will require you to remove up to 5mm off the top and will take a number of steps to accomplish. Surface paste can also be used to achieve a similar effect. Remember that once the floor has been grinded, it must be covered to protect it until the flooring project is complete.

Maintain Your Concrete Floors For Longevity 
Concrete flooring maintenance is simple, a reason why it has become a popular option. Follow an effective cleaning schedule, and buff the floor to remove scratches and marks.

At Fenix Finish, we can help you we all aspects of your polished concrete flooring project. Once your polished concrete floor is in, you’ll need to know how to maintain it. Get polishing tips by reading Polished Concrete – Polishing Basics.

Considering a polished concrete floor? Want to learn more about your options or talk pricing? Contact us today for a FREE QUOTE.

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